[ ]    Mr. Woody has provided a website of 22 different pages, which covers the recording career of one of the most important bands in modern music.  This site provides reviews of their albums, questions about their techniques and concepts, and summarizes characteristics that exemplify the band.

[ ]    The website contains a worksheet, from which the student will select a sufficient number of items to attain the grade you  desire.  Look on the worksheet to ascertain the sections which must be completed, then add up the other items necessary to reach the total number of points you need to attain for your grade.

[ ]    Mr. Woody will provide CDs and available equipment and time for listening to the songs on the Listening List.

[ ]    Upon successful completion of the course, the student will turn in their notebook to Mr. Woody, who will submit their grade for 1/2 credit in Fine Arts.


[ ]    I will remain aware that this course, though enjoyable, does not take precedence over any other course I may be taking.  I may not work on it to the exclusion of any other scheduled class.

[ ]    I promise not to copy work from other people who are taking or have taken the course.

[ ]    I will keep my work in a notebook that will include the worksheet from the course, my answers to the various questions, and my notes regarding my feelings on studying music at this depth.

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Note to the Parents:

    Like virtually all modern music, the 77 songs of Pink Floyd in this course contain an obcenity once in awhile.  If I have counted correctly, there are 9 swear words in the entire course (six h***s, 1 f***, and 2 s***s, plus three culturally-insensitive slang words used for shock effect).  I do not have sufficiently sophisticated equipment to be able to bleep out these items.  I can say that Pink Floyd is one of the few groups that does not use profanity gratuitously.  Additionally, there are a few "dangerous ideas" (i.e. hatred of war, people don't always treat each other properly, being yourself is important,...) present in the lyrics.  If you have any objection to your child being exposed to these concepts or words, do not sign this form.  Your child will not be permitted to listen to the music, or take the course, without your permission.

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